About Westtopher

Music producer from the Charlotte-Kings Mountain, North Carolina area. Currently signed to Epidemic Music Group / Cool n Dre. Became a music head from a very young age, listening to his father's vinyl record collection. From 70's soul singers and groups such as, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and the list goes on.

While attending college at Appalachian State, is when Westtopher really developed his love for music producing. Started making beats in the dorm rooms of Justice Hall. Listening and studying the works of  major producers as: Kanye West, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder and the late J-Dilla. He learned to chop soulful records and develop a true ear for making soulful beats.

During this college career, Westtopher teamed up with his business Partner Ty-Bu, and which they started MTTS (Mightier Than The Sword records). Later on Launching his own production music group under MTTS, entitled "True League".

After college Westtopher continued his music career with learning to make many different styles of beats. Plus working with many different artist from North Carolina, South Carolina, New York City, Virginia and Atlanta. Along with putting out two solo albums: "First Appearance", and "Collage Of Thoughts". Also winning the Instandard Producer showcase Charlotte Edition, back in 2014 was a major jump start to boost Westtopher's name as a music producer. Since then he has been featured on beat mixtape "Beat Squiat 2" hosted by DJ-Pain1 and Famous of 808 Mafia. Along with getting the attention of Cool, from the Grammy winning producer duo Cool n Dre. Which, lead to his first major placement with rapper Papoose, on his October album. Featuring the song entitled "Silence The Critics". From there, working with Rapper Big Pooh, 1/3 of the group (Little brother), song entitled "Changing Again". Along with Dave East, song entitled " Above Water". So be on the look out for the name "Westtopher".